ExxonMobil moves to sustain oil production, export as workers embark on strike


ExxonMobil has put in place some measures to sustain oil and gas production as personnel embarked on strike to back their demand for reinstatement of sack employees of the company and other demands.

Investigations showed that adequate personnel have been mobilised to offshore production platforms and loading terminal in order to guarantee production and export.

A company source who confirmed the development indicated that adequate security has also been put in place to ensure their safety at work.

“The company is not unmindful of the possible threat to sustainable operations. Consequently, it has mobilised many workers to production and export locations to ensure operations are not affected.”

“These workers are very safe because many policemen and other security agencies have also been deployed to protect them at work. It should be noted that the company attach much importance to the safety of its workers.”

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Source: Today.ng

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