Fuel Station Setup & Management

Fuel Station Setup & Management

Baomik Integrated Services undertakes fuel station setup from ground to finish. We undertake complete management of Operations, Sales, Marketing & Controls of Fuel Stations of any capacity and size.

Our Expertise and Offerings cover.

*New Entry/Affiliation

*Existing Station

New Entry and Affiliation

Feasibility studies

Baomik will conduct, analyze and give holistic report on feasibility studies for either new players or/and existing fuel station owners to guide on location, expansion and investing for guaranteed Returns on Investment.

SWOT Analysis

BIS prepare SWOT analysis and presentation for New Entries and Affiliations.

We develop and communicate strategies for

  1. Converting your Business Strength into Revenue.
  2. Turning Weaknesses to Strengths.
  3. Optimising opportunities to Businesses.
  4. Transforming Threats into Opportunities.

Working Capital Solution

Identifying the right working capital requirements of a fuel station is necessary to help take decisions on fund sourcing. This reduces wastage, pilfering’s and helps optimise available funds.

We professionally work out and provide relevant advice on working capital requirement as well as its appropriate management.


Baomik projects and prepares workable estimated budgets on Sales, Stock, Cash, Expense, Profit and Accounts using historical data and other indices of a fuel station.

We propose strategies and recommend action plans on how to meet and exceed the set budgets.

Stock Management (Fuel Station)

BIS are experts in management of Station Stock. We implement good stock controls & movements while eliminating stock out, overstocking, losses, pilfering etc.

We ensure optimum sales and stocking taking into consideration lead time, tank capacity, sales potential, working capital etc.

BIS sources and delivers products to the fuel station taking over the Burden of Logistics.

Partnership and Supervision of Fuel Stations

Our wealth of experience in the Industry has groomed us to be able to manage fuel stations of various capacities and size. We partner with owners to manage their outlets for optimum profitability and maximum delivery.

By providing the following solutions:

*Management under the Dealership scheme.

*Management as supervisor

*Complete outsourcing of management to BIS.

*Sourcing and management of fuel station personnel.

*Space management.

*Leasing and affiliation of stations.

Fuel Stations Internal Controls

BIS formulates comprehensive, easy and workable control tools and documents used for detailed data capture, analysis, presentation and audit of station work flow.

We design simple to use control and reporting documents.

Control Documents

Stock Controls Document – SCD

Cash and Credit Control Document – CCCD

Profit and Loss Analysis Document – PLAD

Financial Status Document- FSD

Business Growth Evaluation Document- BGED

Shift Record – SHR

Daily Sales – DSR

Stock Record –SKR

Weekly Activity Report- WAR

Quality and Safety Tracker – QST

Meter/Tank Throughput Report –MTR

Visitors Record – VR

Discharge Log Report – DLR

Meter Log Report- MLR

Attendance Records- AR

Receipt Books – RB

Credit Register Records – CRR

Fuel Station Audit

BIS carries out periodic audit of all activities of the station ranging from Safety, Stock, sales, cash, accounts.

We painstakingly review all records and analyze the business policies, procedures and processes, then solutions to porous processes and procedures, operational lapses etc. are recommended.

HSEQ Audit of Fuel Stations.

Baomik is HSEQ certified.

We conduct, analyze and prepare

HSEQ audit report for Fuel stations.

We issue HSEQ Complainant Certificate

Risk assessment and analysis

Baomik conducts Risk Assessment Analysis and give recommendations for best Practices and Standards.