Marketing Communication and Sales

Marketing Communication and Sales

A Fuel Station’s Profitability, Growth & Sustainability is greatly dependent on Marketing and Sales Strategies which are professionally formulated, communicated and implemented.

BIS marketing communications strategies creatively connects the business with the customers in an engaging and exciting way.

“Satisfied Customer, Profitable Business”

 Marketing and Sales Programs

Our task is to design, communicate, implement and manage programs that will grow sales, gain market penetration and share, brand building,  motivate employees, ensure customer satisfaction and boast the bottom line of our clients.

*Design and Manage Campaigns /Events.

*Develop & implement Sales improvement strategies

*Develop & produce all marketing & Sales communications on rebates, incentives, competitions and others.

*create and attract Social media Traffic

*Corporate Profile Videos

*Loyalty Campaigns

*Radio Jingles

*Discount Coupons

*Sale Drive Promotions.